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Butter: I always use unsalted butter.

Milk: I use fresh farm whole milk but homogenized whole milk is fine too. My two favorite brands of milk are:
Ronnybrook Farm
Hudson Valley Fresh

Eggs: I usually use organic brown eggs. I have always loved brown eggs even though I know they taste the same as white eggs.

Chocolate: I usually use Scharffen Berger. I’m also a big fan of Hawaiian chocolate from the Orginal Hawaiian Chocolate Company but have used (ok ate) all the chocolate I brought back from Hawaii so I will probably order some soon. In the end it honestly depends on what I’m making and the role chocolate is playing in the dessert.

Vanilla and Extracts: I use Nielsen-Massey brand for both my vanilla and extracts.

Flour: I use Heckers unbleached all-purpose flour.

Sugar: I use Domino granulated pure cane sugar because I like it’s extra fine texture.

I’m currently in the following cooking groups:

If you would like to join All Through The Year Cheer please visit the site and read the current holiday event. Faith and I would love to have you!


If you want to join the Daring Bakers please visit their website here.



I’m entered in the following contests:


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