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Hi everyone! In case you are wondering my real is not nanny or nutmeg it’s Brandy and I’m a 28 year old personal assistant/nanny.


I love to cook and bake and I would love to have my own bakery but I would hate getting up early in the morning.  I grew up in Ohio but moved to New York when I was nineteen years old. Since then I have moved back and forth from NY to NJ but found living in NY was more my flavor. Currently I live in the Hudson Valley, NY with my fantastic boyfriend Mr. Nutmeg Nanny 🙂


We have two fantastic cats, Jolie and Nermal.  They behave most of the time but usually do something at least once a day that ends in me shaking my head and saying “guys can’t you just get along!”



I love going to live sporting events (hockey is the best!), theater and concerts of any kind.


I’m using this blog to show people all the recipes I make and hopefully get people in the kitchen!

If you would like to contact me please feel free to email me at: Nutmegnanny (at) hotmail (dot) com

My banner picture was kindly provided to me by the great blog Sprouted Kitchen. This blog is run by Sara and her fantastic other half Hugh. To check out more awesome photography please visit Hugh’s photography blog located here.

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  1. I love you! 🙂 Keep sharing your recipes with the world!

  2. I am a friend of Rochelle’s and she told me about your website. Your pie and cookies look very good..I can almost taste them. Like you I really shouldn’t eat anymore sweets but gotta try that pie and hope it turns out as well as yours. Keep up the good work, girl!!

  3. Brandy!!

    This is so cool. I will be checking regularly for updates. The sage meatloaf sounds yummy too!

  4. Brandy, what a great idea. Your always thinking. Such a good idea to share with your friends and family.
    By the way, say HELLO to your wonderful boyfriend for us.

    Thanks for thinking of us.

  5. Brandy … I have a gift for you … your choice … I just purchased a box of cookbooks from an auction … before I put them up for sale I want you to pick one of the following (all are big, thick, beautiful new cookbooks with a dust jacket):

    (1) The Woman’s Day Cook … Great Recipes, Bright Ideas and Healthy Choices for Today’s Cook

    (2) Sheila Lukins All Around the World Cookbook

    (3) Gregg R. Gillespie … 1001 Muffins, Biscuits, Doughnuts, Pancakes, Waffles, Popovers, Fritters, Scones and Other Quick Breads

    (4) Martha Stewart’s Healthy Quick Cook … Four Seasons of Great Menus to Make Every Day

    I am keeping the “Baking With Julia” cookbook … I will share the recipes but not the book … ha, stingy, aren’t I?

    Let me know asap … the rest are going on eBay … Marilyn (cookbooks on eBay)

  6. I am so jealous … what a great blog … I want one too … keep up the good work, Brandy ! Very entertaining, especially to a cookbook collector … Marilyn

  7. Forget about hiring you as my nanny, I am going to hire you as my chef!

  8. brandy!! this is my first visit here and i found your blog very interesting.. excellent photography and most of all the yummy recipes… keep them coming.. u r doing a great job.. keep it up!!

  9. that’s hilarious… when i hear nutmeg nanny, i think it’s an OLD woman… but “brandy” definitely shouts out young & sassy to me!

  10. Brandy,

    I just noticed that you’re from Ohio, me too! Whereabouts are you from? I grew up in Amherst but went to school in Athens (Ohio U.). We’re both Ohioans living in the big city! (I’m in Chicago now)…


  11. Brandy,
    I miss you. When I cannot see you in class I come to your nutmeg nanny to get my fix. What am I to do when class ends 😦

    Happy Birthday to Artie! I hope you got to do something fun together or at least made him one of your delicious meals.

    Hope all is well with you and class sucks without ya! Two more to go…


  12. BTW, love the pic of the two of you!

  13. Hi Brandy I left a commet on your sight about the t.p. sweet hots, wondering if you have the recipe? 1st time on your sight very fun, cute pictures, and I LOVE THE CATS. We have two our selves in the sticks in Upper Michigan. Love to cook too its so rewarding. Hope to hear from you.
    Sea Bee

  14. Nutmeg is the most wonderful spice. It should be used in more recipes. Thanks for creating such a wonderful blog!

  15. Wow Brandi!!
    I am constantly amazed by you..

  16. I’ve been reading your blog for months and only now went to your “about me” page! I got your comment on mine about who your boss is and I was going to ask what you do for her, but after reading this I figure you’re a nanny for her children. That’s super cool–kinda makes you famous by association. 🙂 I’m also glad to finally know the reason behind your “nutmeg nanny” name–I knew the nutmeg part was b/c you like to bake (and I’m guessing love nutmeg) but now I know the why behind the “nanny.” You’re so cute and I enjoy your blog–especially since you post so many yummy treats–those are my specialty too. Keep up the good work!

  17. Love your site. Your the best… Did I tell you lately that I am very proud of you.. Your the best Daughter. I have been blessed..

    Love Mom

  18. Aww, you have a cat named Nermal! Way too cute!


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