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Le Creuset Giveaway!!!

This contest is now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered!

In my last post I let you all know that Nutmeg Nanny is officially two years old.  Well I certainly didn’t want to let this milestone pass without offering something to my lovely readers.  Something to say “thank you” 🙂

So, since I love you all I’m giving away a 6 3/4 quart Le Creuset Signature Oval Dutch Oven.  This gift is something I’m sure everyone will love.  So do you want to know to win this amazing gift?

Required Entry:

1. Leave a comment telling me what you would make in this dutch oven if you won.

Additional Entries:

2. “Like” Nutmeg Nanny on Facebook – Leave a separate comment (If you already like Nutmeg Nanny just let me know)

3. “Follow” @NutmegNanny on Twitter – Leave a separate comment (If you already follow Nutmeg Nanny just let me know)

4. Tweet the following statement – @NutmegNanny is giving away a Le Creuset 6 3/4 quart dutch oven! You have until March 31st, 2011 to enter!!!

I will also be giving out extra entries via Twitter and Facebook.  So if you “follow” and “like” me you will see random messages on how to get extra entries.

Now for the all the rest of the details. This giveaway will end on Thursday, March 31st, 2011 at 11:59pm EST and is open to EVERYONE. I will pick the winner using and announce who won on Friday, April 1st 2011.

Good luck to all those who enter and thank you for reading Nutmeg Nanny 🙂


171 responses

  1. i’d make a lovely butternut squash soup with fried sage and gorgonzola in the winter… and I’ll be dreaming about it until I can 😉

  2. i’m a follower 😉 and new reader! so glad I found your blog!

  3. and I tweeted… @tri2cook

  4. I’d make… baked beans. Stews. ETC! Great giveaway! 🙂

  5. I would definitely make a soup in this if I won… maybe a traditional chicken noodle, or something exotic, like an indian spiced lentil soup 🙂

  6. I’m a Facebook “liker” and I’d make gumbo if I finally had a REAL Le Cruset Dutch oven!

  7. I like Nutmeg Nanny on Facebook.

  8. I already like you on facebook!

  9. and I follow you on twitter @danacooks

  10. I follow on Twitter. 🙂

  11. I Tweeted @birdie00000

  12. I’d make a large pot of chicken and sausage gumbo. 🙂

  13. I would make a beautiful roast in that gorgeous dutch oven!

  14. I am following you on facebook (Rust Hawk).

  15. I am one of your twitter followers @rusthawk.

  16. I’m a fan on Facebook. 🙂

  17. Shipping internationally! Yayyy that’s so awesome. I actually have noo idea what I’d make 😛

  18. I like you on FB through my page!

  19. Now following you on Twitter too!

  20. browned chicken parts, mushrooms, onions, Pasilla pepper, small whole Jalapeno (sometimes I keep on hand roasted whole Jalapeno in olive oil, in glass jar in fridge), garlic, broth and rice and simmered with that heavy lid on until the fragrance makes you want to dig in on a cold rainy day!!!

  21. Ooooooooooooooooooo Beef Bourguignon, for sure! Thanks for the opportunity!

  22. And I tweeted your giveaway AND posted on my FB! Woohooooo!

  23. I big ol’ roast. I’ve had my eyes on these babies for some time! I just haven’t convinced the DH that I need it 😀

  24. I “liked” ya on facebook!

  25. I can already smell my grandma’s chicken and dumpling simmering away in this beauty! She had a big Texas heart and was the best cook I’ve ever known!

  26. I’ve always substituted my crockpot for a dutch oven when making soups and they are lacking. I would make all of the delicious soups I haven’t been able to make in my crockpot!

  27. I’m fairly new to this whole cooking thing, but I’d have to make an attempt at my mom’s peach cobbler.

  28. I would use it to make loaves of no-knead bread.

  29. I’m following you on Facebook.

  30. I’m following you on Twitter (ps152).

  31. Something braised, for sure! Pot Roast, brisket, short ribs, lol. Thanks for having this very generous giveaway!

  32. I’d make my favorite winter comfort dish: Sausage, apple, and sweet potato casserole! Oh, and spaghetti…and the filling for my Savory Pork Pot Pie…and well, lots of stuff!

  33. I follow you on Twitter.

  34. I’d make some creamy tomato soup!

  35. I’m following you on twitter!

  36. Well, I have this and want another. Mine is in Orange. I would definitely make a roast chicken in this dish. It is the perfect shape and size for a wonderful free range or organic chicken to roast in!
    I also tweeted you!
    Two votes for me, and as I am in Canada, should I be so lucky to win, would you please know that I am asking you to send this to my daughter in Palo Alto CA.
    Good little gift.

  37. I would make guiness beef stew! YUMMY!

  38. oh my gosh…this seriously is the best giveaway ever. I have DREAMED of owning anything le creuset. What would I make it? What wouldn’t I make in it?! I think I would have to try my hand at my first Julia Childs recipe using that pup

  39. Best giveaway EVER! I would make….beef bourguignonne. Classic. Beautiful.

  40. Amanda Thompson

    Congrats on your blog turning 2! The first thing I would do is roast a chicken with lots of winter vegetables.

  41. Yay…that’s a great giveaway. I’d do a nice sumptuous roast!

  42. Soup. Korean style. Maybe an earthy miso-like cabbage soup. Or maybe a little braised ribs.

  43. Might be kind of on the boring side, but I’d love to make a roast with all the veggies. Of course, I’d use it for more than just that!!!

  44. Oooohh… I’d make cassoulet, coq a vin, all sorts of soups and beans, and pretty much everything else I like to eat all winter. This is like the best giveaway! Congratulations on turning two :).

  45. I just liked you on Facebook :).

  46. This is perfect for beef stew! 🙂

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  47. I would make the no knead bread in the Le Creuset and a ton of other things.

  48. I like you on FB.

  49. I follow you on Twitter.

  50. I think I would make chicken noodle soup and spaghetti sauce.

  51. “Like” Nutmeg Nanny on Facebook

  52. “Follow” @NutmegNanny on Twitter

  53. Oh my gosh! I’ve been coveting one of these dutch ovens! I think I would make just about everything, but the one dish in particular I’d like to try out is Julia Child’s Coq au Vin. I’ve done it in a saute pan, but something tells me a dutch oven will take it to a whole new level.

  54. I’m already “liking” you on facebook. 🙂

  55. gotcha followed on twitter as well. (and stumbled you for good measure). 🙂

  56. Happy 2 years!!! Hooray, that’s awesome 🙂 If I won this, I would make a big ol’ batch of Puerco Pibil! Thanks for the chance, Brandy.

  57. I also “like” you on Facebook 🙂

  58. …and I follow you on Twitter (@girlichef)!

  59. I tweeted!! (@girlichef)

  60. Congrats on two years! I would make a fabulous slow roasted pot roast.

  61. claudia lamascolo

    What a great giveaway congrats on your two years cant wait to see the next one!

  62. Outstanding way to celebrate! My first meal with this dutch oven would be double duty: first, pane rustica then a quick turn around for a vat of Grandpa’s gravy with meatballs. Fresh bread with linguine. YUM!

  63. I would make a braised beef brisket, slow cooked with carrots, celery and onion… Yum…

  64. I would make a pot roast with veggies.

  65. I’ve got their dutch oven and love it!

  66. You don’t have to enter me to win the Le Creuset (honestly, I’ve got way too many kitchen toys already) but just wanted to say Happy 2 year blog bday and I am so happy we got to meet (albeit ever so briefly) recently!

  67. Oh my it has been my DREAM to own one of these! The first thing I would make would definitely be some sort of beef roast. I always envy the shows on the food network when they do those roasts in their Le Creuset dutch ovens! They always look amazing! Even though I can’t eat beef, I would totally do it for the hubs =)

  68. Oh, and I liked you on Facebook! =)

  69. Wow, you weren’t kidding about the “huge giveaway!” Sooo excited–don’t forget, I’m preapproved to win, right? hahahaha! OK, I would make some sort of stew in it fo sho. I have only made one beef stew, which was today, and now my hubby wants more. So I neeeeeed it, Brandy. 😉

  70. I likey you on f/b

  71. I don’t know why I’m bothering since people who comment last never win…but I also follow you on Twitter. Come on, random number generator, I know you can pull out a high number despite the odds!

  72. Now that I’ve retweeted the giveaway, I realize I’m not (hopefully) going to be your last commenter since the giveaway doesn’t close until the end of the month. So hopefully that increases my odds. Come on, peeps, comment so I can win. LOL! (P.S. I’m only saying these things to tease–not to pressure you into doing something unethical. Unless you want to lose me as a friend. B/c I’m so dumping you the instant you let someone else win this. bwaahahahaha) >:)

  73. Happy Anniversary! Sorry I missed the actual date! What a great way to celebrate. I would make a lamb tajine with fennel, apricots, prunes and figs! Super yummy!

  74. #1 – I was just thinking today that with my 50th birthday coming up, maybe this girl DESERVES a real dutch oven.

    #2 – Just came across “Braised Chicken with Potatoes and Olives in a Tomato Sauce” on “A Little Bit of Spain in Iowa” blog, which I’d love to try, but sadly I don’t own a real dutch oven.

    #3 – As a mother of two boys, I could show them there really is such a thing as a “dutch oven,” and not the same as their idea of hilarity.

    Crossing my fingers, going to hunt you down on facebook and twitter, and tickled that I found your blog! Auntieknits in Texas

  75. Happy Anniversary! The first thing that I would make is a delicious Chili!

  76. “Like” Nutmeg Nanny on Facebook!

  77. “Follow” @NutmegNanny on Twitter !

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  79. I would make an incredible chicken and vegetable tagine if I won this pot! I love it!

  80. Happy Anniversary. I would make a nice big loaf of crusty bread .

  81. Tortilla soup! It’s my favorite!

  82. I would make chicken with figs in a red wine reduction, with gnocci tossed in brown butter…yum!

  83. i’ve had my eye on a posole recipe all winter, but i haven’t tried it yet. that’d be #1 on my list.

  84. I would have to make squirrel stew, mmm mmm good eatin

  85. Happy Birthday to your blog! If I won I would make a nice and comforting beef stew!

  86. I would make pot roast 🙂 *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  87. Congratulations on two years! I can think of a lot of uses for this – soups and stews, casseroles, baked beans – but I think the first thing I’d make would be a pot roast.

  88. I would cook everything in it! 😉 But first, a nice pot of warm soothing soup! I’ve been sick and soup would be perfect right now!

  89. I “like” you!

  90. I follow you on Twitter too!

  91. id make your great onion stout recipe or my cocovan recipe yum!

  92. LOL..I”m also giving away Le Creuset, but a baking dish. I want the Dutch Oven!! Thing is, I’m not a social networker, no FB or Twitter, so I’ll just hope one shot can win it for me 🙂

  93. I would make slow-cooked chili. Yum!

  94. I’d make a yummy tagine. hom hom

  95. I would make Spicy Enchiladas 🙂

  96. I like your facebook page 🙂 Love Katydid

  97. I follow you on Twitter lovekatydid

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  99. I would make braised goat shoulder! I made it once before for a friends thanksigiving, and it was probably the most delicious thing I have cooked thus far. By far the most tender piece of meat I have ever had. Gotta love the french!

  100. I stumbled upon your blog and I’m so glad I did, just liked you on Facebook too!
    What wouldn’t I make in this Dutch oven? I would probably christen it with my Mom’s Sunday sugo! Lots of pork, beef, meatballs and sausage browned and then braised low and slow in red wine and tomatoes. Serve the sauce over rigatoni with some ricotta and then have the meats with a salad. Italian comfort food at its finest!

  101. Thanks for the opportunity to win! I heard about a recipe in a braising cookbook that features a whole chicken with pears and rosemary. I’m dying to try that and other recipes from the book.

  102. I’m following you on Twitter as MoiSelfAndI (that last letter is an “i”)

  103. tweet tweet

  104. Denise Clemons Melbie

    Thank you for having such a lovely giveaway!

  105. The first meal would be a beef stew.

  106. I would make white chicken chili!

  107. follow you on Twitter@tally2525

  108. I’d definitely make a stew.

  109. I liked Nutmeg Nanny on facebook.

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  111. Well, if I can lift it, I’ll make chicken & dumplings in that bee-yoo-tiful LeCreuset Dutch oven!

  112. Following on twitter @acookandherbook!

  113. Facebook friend!

  114. Jillian Martinez

    I like Nutmeg Nanny on FB as Jillian Martinez 🙂

  115. I follow NutmegNanny on Twitter 🙂

  116. I just tweeted about the giveaway!

  117. I’m going to make a chicken stew. umm!

  118. I FB like NutmegNanny.

  119. I would make a beef stew…

  120. I liked Nutmeg Nanny on Facebook

  121. I follow @NutmegNanny on Twitter

  122. Hi there. I would make a roast chicken with baby potatoes on rosemary.

  123. I would love to make a potato soup in this with my new immersion blender too!

  124. Like you on FB 🙂

  125. I would definitely make potato soup with kale. Or alternatively, a pot roast would be wonderful also. 😀

  126. I also tweeted your giveaway on FB! Thanks so much!

  127. I would make Jamie Oliver’s Chicken in Milk. It’s a little weird – roast chicken with milk, sage, cinnamon, and lemon – but it is so good!

  128. And I “like” you on Facebook!

  129. If I won this amazing dutch oven i would make big batches of my mothers delicious stew! 🙂

  130. And i “like” you on facebook 🙂

  131. i now follow you on Twitter…

  132. and i tweeted your message as well!!

  133. I would make a pot of Creamy Potato Soup – and serve it with shaved cheddar cheese and bacon. Yum!

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  135. I would make my mother’s amazing “cost-conscious cassoulet.” I’m a follower on facebook and twitter!

  136. I don’t know how to tweet! 😀

    I love making beef brigole – Parmesan cheese, mortadella wrapped beef that simmers in tomato sauce – yum!

  137. I like making so many dishes, it’s really hard to pick which one I would do first.

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  139. I’d make hutspot for my Dutch husband!! 😛

  140. I am a facebook follower!

  141. I would make some white chicken chili!

  142. I’m also Nutmeg Nanny twitter-pated!

  143. I already “like” Nutmeg Nanny on facebook:)

  144. I’d use that beautiful Dutch oven to make a big pot of chicken and dumplings!

  145. Oh! Nutmeg Nanny. To be honest, I would not cook a thing, but my son would!!!
    I’ve been scouring the internet for a dutch oven to send to him. I have one that was passed on to me from my Mom (30+ years old, LeCreuset, can’t tell you how many meals have been made in it).
    Anyway, my son, a NYC law student, is becoming something of a cook, and we were just discussing how many delicious recipes called for “Dutch Ovens”, so, I’ve been wanting to send him one.

    LeCreuset is the only kind to have. But right now, a little beyond my budget, and definately way beyond his.

    I could guarantee that he’ll cook up something really good!!

  146. I’d love to make a fabulous pot roast in this gorgeous pot. Your blog’s looking great!

  147. I love the new look of your blog! Congrats on your blogiversary! This is a great giveaway.

    I would make my own homemade chicken stock in this dutch oven. To make soup… I’m sick. 😦

  148. Happy Blogiversary! I can’t believe I have not “liked” you on Facebook. I guess it’s because you do not have a “like” button here or at least I am not seeing it. I did just do that. 🙂

  149. This is a fantastic giveaway and a huge LeCreuset dutch oven at that. I love mine and use it all the time for roasting and soups. I am thinking of making beef stew now. 😉

  150. wild rice soup

  151. I’d make coq au vin!

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