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BSI Roundup and Announcement of New Host…

Coffee coffee coffee can equal too many yummy yummy yummy. I am gladly one of those people. The funny thing is that while I do love coffee I do not consider myself  “addicted.”  When I was little I used to watch my parents get up and immediately go for the coffee. I remember thinking to myself  “well I guess when I get older I’m going to drink coffee too.” This happened but never to the extremes of my parents. I can go days without it, but eventually I get that craving and need the fix that only coffee can satiate. Perhaps this does mean I’m addicted? I don’t know. I hate to admit I’m addicted to anything. You can ask my boyfriend. We had this same discussion today as we were driving to lunch. He says I’m lying I have to be addicted to something and I think he is crazy because I’m quite sure I’m addicted to nothing…the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle… 🙂

I also want to announce who will be hosting next weeks BSI. Ladies and gentleman I’m proud to announce I’m passing the BSI torch to Jen of My Kitchen Addiction. If you have never been to her blog before I beg you to go take a look. She makes great food, takes fantastic photographs and is really nice 🙂 Some of my favorite recipes she has made are her white chocolate raspberry homemade pop tarts, black and boursin burgers and her banana nut pancakes with caramel sauce. I know after reading that you will HAVE to add her to your google reader 🙂

Ok enough with all this rambling. I know all of you want to see the lovely treats made by some of the best bloggers I know:) All of these treats look fantastic and I cannot help but start drooling as I look at their lovely creations. It’s amazing how many creative people you “meet” when you start blogging.

This weeks entries:

Reeni of Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice.

Espresso Coffee Cake Muffins

How delicious do these look!  If I had these waiting for me each morning I would not have any trouble getting up on time!



Faith of Thought 4 Food

Cardamom-Spiced Mocha

This coffee looks super delicious! When I was on vacation in Dubai I had Arabic coffee and feel in love with it. Perhaps this tasty drink could spark some delicious coffee vacation memories.



Jen of My Kitchen Addiction

Soy Latte Panna Cotta

Watch out! This tasty dessert is the perfect sweet pick me up.  I have yet to make panna cotta but I now have the perfect recipe!



Chaya of Chaya’s Comfy Cook Blog

Coffee Cinnamon Chocolate Squares

Coffee, Cinnamon and Chocolate…How perfect is this cake! All of these flavors are amazing on their own but mixed together has to make for a happy mouth.



Suma of Ecurry

Indian “Espresso” Coffee

I love how frothy and silky smooth the top of this coffee looks. I need a cup of this waiting for me in the morning!

Indian Coffee 10

Thank you so much to everyone who particpated this week.  I will annouce the winner later this week. Keep your fingers crossed you never know who might win 🙂


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  1. What a yummy round-up! Everything looks so scrumptious! I’d like to try one of everything!

  2. You did a great job. I want all of the above, even my own which I am dabbing in, day after day.

    How does Reeni make everything beautiful?

  3. What a fantastic round up!! I am bookmarking a couple of these recipes to make asap!

  4. You are awesome! Thank you so much for including mine even tho i sent in a late entry.

  5. Awesome creations with coffee! Sorry I couldn’t participate – I have yet to get in to real creative cooking after my vacation 🙂

  6. It all looks absolutely lovely! And I will for sure be checking out Jen’s blog.. 🙂

  7. So many delicious recipes… I want to try them all! Looking forward to hosting this week. Should be fun!

  8. Looking at all those goodies sure perked me up!

  9. What a delicious round-up! I missed this 😦 Don’t you hate it when you think you’re “following” somebody only to find out you’re actually a spacecase (meaning me…my brain fails me occasionally)! Coffee was such an awesome choice and I’m bummed that I missed it !

  10. Wonderful roundup, everything looks lovely! I wish I could have one of Reeni’s espresso coffee cake muffins right now, they look amazing!

  11. What a great roundup! I agree that panna cotta looks especially tasty!

  12. Hi, please stop by my blog for a little something.


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